Manufacture Rollout List Windows 10

Discussion created by atlasminor on Sep 1, 2017

I see a lot of questions aimed at drivers on Win10 because of the forced initial upgrade process microsoft pulled,but after the first upgrade microsoft planned to rollout build upgrades through Windows Update only with a early access option that didnt explain the rollout policy.


So i went ahead and took out my time to dig the exact (lists) that microsoft decided to privately publish on there own BBS so without further ado :


Check this List to Determine if Your Computer is Compatible with the - Microsoft Community


Both Anniversary and Creators update with lists for all major manufactures are listed in both the lists, this should be helpful if one might have jumped the gun, realized something went wrong Or know they should be getting a build update but no update can be seen or has a buddy that got there Pc to work on a build but mine dont .....


If a manufacture isnt listed but was in business before windows-10, they just plain went oob


I did see Fujitsu (click the Tested System tab) Updating to the Latest Version of Windows 10 Creators Update : Fujitsu Singapore


up on that list so im pretty sure this should cover any doubts anyone is having. This is every model / make, not just Amd Systems, Amd also teams with Intel processors occasionally so it should be relevant.