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    RX Vega Ubuntu 16.04


      Hi friends.

      I am one of those lucky /stupid ones who managed to purchase RX Vega 64 for inflated price. All because of AMD promises of love for open source.

      One think I did not expect that I will be running my monitor with maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 .

      I have installed latest amdgpu-pro drivers, but it did not help.

      I have even upgraded Kernel to latest stable 4.12.10 and even to 4.13 rc7 and still I cannot use resolution higher then 1024 x 768 .. really I cannot use computer.

      Can someone please point me to instruction how to fix this?

      I am embarrassed to go on Monday to work , and after building everyone on Vega and AMD to everyone for months, to tell them this.

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          Hello there,


          1º Reinstall the amdgpu-pro.

          (make sure that no error pop-up)



          2º Open Terminal and type $ xrandr

          (it will show your capable resolutions, refresh rate and output)



          3º Go to settings/resolutions in control panel and change the resolution for other resolution like 800x600.

          (this is for creating a file called "monitors.xml" in ../.config/..)



          4º In the Terminal type $ sudo xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode XXXXxXXXX --rate XX

          (on output, make sure that you know what it is, it can be HDMI-A-1, or DVI1, or whatever...)

          (on XXX type your values)

          (if is done right the screen will flash and you will see what you want)



          5º Go to "Home" press Ctrl+h to show hidden folders, go to ".config" and find the file "monitors.xml" and open with gedit.


          6º In the line "<rate>60</rate>" change for your monitor refresh rate and save.


          7º reboot the system and done, it should be running fine and smooth.



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