Warning for Gigabyte X370 Motherboards - Latest BIOS Will Kill Ryzen Chips

Discussion created by black_zion on Sep 1, 2017
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AMD Ryzen CPUs Are Burning Up on Gigabyte's X370 Motherboards

Gigabyte posted a new BIOS on their support page for the X370 Gaming K7 and X370 Gaming K5. The specific BIOS versions are F5 for the Gaming K7 and F7 for the Gaming K5. Now according to Gigabyte themselves, the BIOS should deliver optimal performance but that’s not the case at all.


The issue isn’t technically with AMD CPUs or any other motherboards. It purely related to Gigabyte X370 motherboards. When running the BIOS, users have seen the vCore Voltages floating between 1.5-1.7V which is crazy high. The default vCore values should be set around 1.2V but as anyone can tell, that’s not the case here. Such high voltages can lead to permanent damage to the CPU and the BIOS has already led to two victims.


Gigabyte hasn’t issued a response yet but they did update their support page and have removed the affected BIOS from the downloads list. All users that did update their Gigabyte X370 BIOS in a recent while should check if they aren’t running the BIOS versions listed above to avoid any sort of inconvenience or damage to their Ryzen CPU. If so, you can revert it back in a matter of seconds through the BIOS flashback utility.