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Rx 480 Overheating after failed driver 17.8.2 instalation

Question asked by presidentpt on Sep 1, 2017
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Before hand

  • Sapphire Rx 480, 8G, Reference
  • Desktop
  • Windows 10, 64bit
  • Had Crimson Relive 17.1.1, went to install latest 17.8.2
  • 2 Monitors, ViewSonic XG2401 w/ freesync (main) and ASus MX239H
  • Motherboard Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
  • CPU Intel i5-6600
  • PSU 600W Corsair CX600
  • 16G ram, GSkill Ripjaws
  • Case Corsair 600Q, with 3 * 140mm fans


Two days ago I decided to install the latest AMD driver and windows/instalation crashed. After quite a while waiting had to go for the hard boot.

When I booted up, went to Radeon Setting and saw that the last version was installed and turned off my computer and went to bed.


Yesterday when I came home and turned it on, and went to play Overwatch. At first I noticed that it started to flickering and there was huge FPS loss spikes. After 5mins I received an error saying that Overwatch could not render the graphics.

After I went for a clean install (with DDU) of the newer drivers (uninstall amd software, delete c:\amd, restart in safe mode, run DDU, reboot, install drivers). Went back to Overwatch and the same error happened. At this moment I got suspicious and went to check the temperature of the GPU (with Radeon Settings and GPU-Z). I noticed that in windows without any game running the GPU was at around 65 degrees (celcius). I went to run Overwatch and it got up to 85 degrees and game crashed. Also tried with PUBG, and the temperatures also spiked to 85. Also game crashed.


So after this, I went for a new clean install but with 17.1.1 driver. Same temperature problems.


Reseted windows (whiped everything) and installed 16.12.2. Windows temperature was still high around 60-65. Installed some games and crazy temperatures again.

Went to Radeon Settings and defined the fan speed to around 60%-70%.  In windows the temperature dropped to 45 degrees, but when I start a game it goes back to 80-85 degrees, but now I turn off the game.


I never had any problems playing any game, and the GPU temperature was always around 70 degrees. This started after the drivers installation crash.


Any ideas what it could be ?

What should I do? I'm kinda lost now.


Thank you in advance.