RX470 screen tearing in Win7

Discussion created by jetgraphics on Aug 31, 2017
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Issue: annoying glitch - screen tearing - approximately 2/5th from bottom of screen while showing 1080p@60Hz.

Appears regardless of software (VLC, BeyondTV, YouTube).

Appears on LCD video projector and LCD TV/Monitor.


Radeon RX470, 4 GiB

AMD FX-8320 8 Core CPU

16 GB DDR3


Crimson ReLive 17.30.1041-170720a-316469C


TEARING video on 1080p Projector & UHDTV only became noticeable after reverting from Win10 => Win7.

This leads me to assume it is a software / driver incompatibility issue, and not related to hardware.

And since it was a NEW install with up to date drivers, there should be no issue with old drivers.


When I tried to make a screen capture (at 30 fps), the captured image showed no tearing.


Global Settings:

Anti-aliasing Mode - Use application settings

Anti-aliasing Method - Mutlisampling

Morphological Filtering - OFF

Anisotropic Filter Mode - Use application settings

Texture Filtering Quality - Standard

Surface Format Optimization - ON

Wait for Vertical Refresh - Always ON

OpenGL Triple Buffering - ON

Shader Cache - AMD optimized

Tessellation mode - use application settings


What is most frustrating - my low budget Celeron G1840 with integrated graphics can display 1080p@60Hz with NO TEARING.


P.S. - is there documentation / manual for Catalyst / Crimson that goes into detail on what each setting is and does?