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Can AMD provide me with atiogl.xml syntax?

Question asked by technopredator on Aug 31, 2017

Hi, new here, amateur developer, my question is : <CrossFireCaps>0x00000001</CrossFireCaps> I need to know the syntax of this and if you can provide for the entire atiogl.xml file I'd appreaciate it, can't find anything on Google or DuckDuckGo about the syntax, I know that XML command will enable Crossfire for 2 video cards (VC) under OpenGL for old games that were created when there was no 2+ VC slot on a MoBo, as I explained here, but I have seen others reported by users that report horrible OGL performance and nothing on this forum, so why AMD will release such old file without any documentation? I'd thought since it's so old a lot of documentation would be available for its syntax, but nowhere to be found, people guesses from the current profiles in it, can anyone provide such syntax please, questions about all over the Internet, and would be useful that AMD put it in a very visible place and could be find with a search og this Forum/Website and Internet Search Engines.