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problem with amd readeon r7 m260

Question asked by rihys on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by kingfish

Hi, my AMD readeon r7 m260 sometimes is not running how it should run. Ussaly i play CS:GO so i will compare my FPS with this game. When all works completly fine ussaly i have 70-100 FPS . But sometimes what is my problem my game is running with 15-25 FPS and i have observed it happens after i put my computer to sleep. It happens every time. And i dont really know why this happens and what is wrong. On my computer i have 2 video cards integrated video card - Intel HD Graph family and how u already know ssecond is amd readeon r7 m260. My tought was maybe when i went in cs:go game is running with Intel hd graphics neither with amd r7. but i downloaded MSI Afterburner and check if it's true, but turned out it's false and it runs with amd r7.

So i wonder what is the problem? Sorry if something is wrong with my english grammar, isn't my first language.