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"Prey Challenge" on RX Vega(FE) / Liquid Edition. Power consumption and Performance V GTX1080Ti in Prey.

Question asked by colesdav on Aug 31, 2017
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I watched a recent review of the Gaming Performance versus Power Draw of a Vega 64 Liquid Edition Card.
The reviewer picked a spot in the Hardware Labs, in Prey, and compared the FPS and Power Draw of an RX Vega Liquid Edition Card to a GTX1080Ti running at 2K Resolution.
The Spot in the Hardware Labs is pretty far into the game.
He was seeing the following results:


1. GTX 1080Ti ~ 30% Better FPS at the same Power consumption  with the Vega 64 Liquid Edition Card run in Power Saving Mode.
2. GTX 1080Ti ~ 15% better FPS versus the Vega 64 Liquid Edition Card run in Turbo mode, but in that case, the Vega 64 Liquid Edition Card was drawing almost 2x the power draw of the GTX1080Ti.

Since a GTX 1080 Ti is cheaper than a Vega 64 LE here, the above results are really pretty devastating for the RX Vega LE and I would be interested to see if those results are repeatable and also if undervolting the Vega 64 LE in Prey may help the situation somewhat.


Prey is a Free Game in some Radeon Packs, so many people who have purchased a Vega 64 card already may already have the game.
Prey was also demoed in Crossfire with a pair of  Vega FE's at Computex.
In that case Prey may already be highly optimized for Vega 64 and the above performance is as good as it gets?


I do not own the game but there is currently a free Prey Demo which can be downloaded from Steam.

I am still investigating purchase of Vega LE/FE for myself, but the above results have totally put me off.


I was trying to take a look at how a Single and Dual R9 Nano perform in Prey w.r.t. FPS Performance and Power consumption at the same spot in the game a few days ago.

Unfortunately the free demo ends, just as you enter the Hardware Labs.

The game was on sale on Steam for 20 but I missed my chance and it is now 40, and I did not really want to purchase it just to do some performance comparisons ...  .


I was thinking of looking for a spot as early on into the Prey Demo where I hit max FPS and High Power Draw on Prey with single and dual R9 Nano.
I was wondering if anyone with a Vega Liquid Edition and / or GTX 1080 Ti is interested in comparison of Power Draw at that point.


It might be good to respond to the reviewers results ... and see if newer drivers / undervolting or something will improve the situation  ... or are you all chicken ?


I will point to the review video if anyone is up for the challenge.