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HBM overclock on R9 Nano in AMD Crimson ReLive 17.7.2 / 17.8.2 Drivers on Windows 10/8.1 64bit?

Question asked by colesdav on Aug 31, 2017
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Please can someone in AMD Drivers Team  respond to this question.


Can you please tell me why HBM Overclocking is still disabled in the AMD Crimson ReLive Drivers for the R9 Nano (Fury X) Model?
Does HBM overclocking in R9 Nano have some sort of obscure reliability problem?


There used to be a workaround using MSI AfterBurner / Sapphire Trixx where I used to be able to overclock HBM with AMD Crimson Software.
I admit I had not overclocked the HBM Memory for a while, but I wanted to try it for some GPU Compute / Render runs and ... the MSI Afterburner and Sapphire Trixx
workaround no longer works at all.


I constantly see AMD Support / Others on the Community, say never use any other overclocking tool with AMD Crimson ReLive anyhow, so the above workarounds should be discouraged.


Please put the option to Overclock HBM memory into Radeon Crimson ReLive for the R9 Nano, or tell me a workaround to do it.




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