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Not sure where to post this, but please read.

Question asked by methodically_bad on Sep 2, 2017
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First and foremost, let me apologize to those that may not agree with me. It is not my goal to start any sort of flame war in submitting this post. I will do my part to reply in a kind matter to anyone that prompts me. Secondly I will say that I wished to send this directly to AMD support but the company website seems to direct users away from sending confidential feedback, I am sorry if this is not the correct place to put this. I am aware I could have sent a hand written letter. With this out of the way, I will start.


I have been a loyal AMD customer ever since I was young. I remember how excited I was for the Athlon 64, and was more than joyed when my dad bought my family an e-machines with a K8 inside. Hell, I was so proud of it. I didn't know what 64 bit meant but I knew it was cooler than what the blue team was selling at the time, and it was cheaper too. That's why I loved AMD. Always looking out for the little guy. My family couldn't afford "top of the line" computers at the time and it felt nice knowing that chip companies could work together with distributors to provide a cheaper and better product. This always stuck with me. I grew up loving computers and I can thank AMD for that. Any time I have built a computer for myself or others I always have used AMD products when I can. I have recommended AMD stock at every opportunity - and it has shown to be sound advice. Thank you for that, AMD.


I am so proud of what you have done with your microprocessors in the past year alone. Blew me away with Ryzen. Bravo. You deserve the hell out of that win.




What the heck is up with video cards this year? Seriously, I would like to know. What happened to looking out for the little guy? I don't want any discounts or free crap. I just want to buy an AMD product at a fair price. I just want a product to be available to the everyday consumer. I will promise you that the folks that own the mining rigs don't give a crap about loyalty to the AMD name. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Your real customers won't hang around forever waiting for mid-tier products. They won't buy your top tier products if they are getting scammed by none other than you, the "good guy". Every day that this continues you lose customers in the video card market, and I'm sure its no small amount. You were already so behind your competitors in this market - I just don't get the logic behind this VEGA release. I don't understand the logic behind letting manufacturers pander to miners and those that wish to exploit the demand for video cards. Maybe I am missing something, someone please explain.



  A concerned loyal customer.