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    Furious already


      I bought a ryzen 5 and an am4 motherboard, yet the cpu never stayed in the socket so after trying to put the cooler on and basically wasting the thermal paste, it turned out my cpu came with a bent pin, and trying to get some support on here using my iPhone has been no help, I think amds help is appalling, I'd have expected a calls helpline or something because I spent nearly 200 gbp on a cpu that probably won't work and I have no idea how to get a replacement if I can get one at all, I just wanted to build my first pc, I'm in tears because I was already having a terrible day, the last thing I needed was for my cpu to be broken and now my mums gonna gloat because she said 'you're not gonna be able to do it, you're gonna need help' and all that about wasting money, I was expecting to have a gaming pc that worked in roughly 2 weeks from now and now it seems I'll never have that dream, already starting to hate ryzen and amd

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          Hey famdfryzen,


          Sorry to hear that you experienced issues on your first build. Receiving a faulty product is actually quite a rarity and it's definitely a shame you received a Ryzen with a bent pin, especially so considering this is your first build. With that being said, the RMA process is actually fairly seamless and quick. Your processor comes with a three year warranty, but first attempt to contact the store you purchased it and see if they can provide you a new replacement processor. If you encounter issues with them then you should contact AMD directly at the following address ensuring you have the information below prepared so you can claim your RMA service.




          Do not list any of this information here in the forums, only provide this information at the web address listed above.


          1. Your name, address and telephone number
          2. Proof of purchase
          3. a description of the type of boxed processor
          4. the serial number found on your boxed processor
          5. a detailed description of the problem


          The technical support service center representative may require additional information from you depending on the nature of your issue.


          Upon receipt of a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from the technical service center representative, you will be required to send in your processor and heatsink/fan (if applicable*) that were packaged together* in the retail container. The packaging materials themselves will not be required to process your RMA.



          On a side note


          Don't get discouraged during this process and don't let this issue discourage you in the future. For anyone that attempts to discourage you during this or the building process, just prove them wrong and continue on with the process. Once you're done, not only will you have built your computer without assistance, but you were also able to perform your first RMA by yourself and it's doubtful that they can say the same, nor many others. Although not much consolation, you'll already have experience in something that not many do, you'll be ahead of the curve.


          I'm going to bring this to the attention of the professional AMD staff here at the forums to see if they have any corrections or anything to add in terms of assistance. I hope this helps and have a nice day.


          amdmatt ray_m

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