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Furious already

Question asked by famdfryzen on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by savagebeastzero

I bought a ryzen 5 and an am4 motherboard, yet the cpu never stayed in the socket so after trying to put the cooler on and basically wasting the thermal paste, it turned out my cpu came with a bent pin, and trying to get some support on here using my iPhone has been no help, I think amds help is appalling, I'd have expected a calls helpline or something because I spent nearly 200 gbp on a cpu that probably won't work and I have no idea how to get a replacement if I can get one at all, I just wanted to build my first pc, I'm in tears because I was already having a terrible day, the last thing I needed was for my cpu to be broken and now my mums gonna gloat because she said 'you're not gonna be able to do it, you're gonna need help' and all that about wasting money, I was expecting to have a gaming pc that worked in roughly 2 weeks from now and now it seems I'll never have that dream, already starting to hate ryzen and amd