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    How do i overclock an Fx 8300 3.3Ghz Octa core


      Please help. I am trying to game and stream to twitch on the same pc. I am using an AMD fx 8300 3.3ghz processor, with a Gtx 1050 2gb, 16gb of ram. i play on around 40-70 fps with streaming. My task manager with game and obs open says i use around 96% of my cpu and around 47-60% of my gpu. Im using x264 at 4000 kbps. I would like to overclock my processor to be better before i just buy a new processor. It is still new only about 5 months old. I cant find any specific directions on OCing and im new to the whole tech world so if anyone could guide me through it i would be aprreciative. I am using MSI military class 4 BIOS

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          Overclocking depends on your cooling, motherboard, power supply, etc. Those CPU's are simple to overclock and should go 4.0 without a voltage change. But if your using the stock aluminum cooler that comes with a 8300, it probably won't handle the added heat that comes with overclocking. They are marginal at stock speeds.  Another question is, are you using Gforce experience or OBS to stream? If it's OBS you need to set it up to use NVEMC to stream instead of x264 which will take the load off your CPU and use CUDA that is built into your GTX 1050 without slowing anything down. Gforce Experience uses it by default.