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How do i overclock an Fx 8300 3.3Ghz Octa core

Question asked by whopperxsenior on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by stone_age

Please help. I am trying to game and stream to twitch on the same pc. I am using an AMD fx 8300 3.3ghz processor, with a Gtx 1050 2gb, 16gb of ram. i play on around 40-70 fps with streaming. My task manager with game and obs open says i use around 96% of my cpu and around 47-60% of my gpu. Im using x264 at 4000 kbps. I would like to overclock my processor to be better before i just buy a new processor. It is still new only about 5 months old. I cant find any specific directions on OCing and im new to the whole tech world so if anyone could guide me through it i would be aprreciative. I am using MSI military class 4 BIOS