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RX 480 going to black screen for couple seconds in fullscreen games

Question asked by birarda on Aug 30, 2017

I have an 8GB RX 480 connected to an XG270HU over DisplayPort at 144Hz, with FreeSync on.


In the two fullscreen games I play (Rocket League and Battlegrounds) every so often (every 15-20 minutes) the display will go black for 2-3 seconds. During this time I can still hear sounds. After a couple of seconds the display comes back and everything is normal again.


I can't check my exact driver version right now, but I did whatever update was available 2-3 weeks ago.


I used to play with the same card over HDMI connected to my TV and never had issues. The issues started when I got my new display.


I have tried two different DisplayPort cables and both have the same issue. What else can I try to fix the issue?