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    17.8.2 Relive Causing Faked High GPU Usage on RX Vega 64


      Hi everyone, I'm loving my vega64, but so far ive run into a rather annoying issue that seems to be totally driver related.


      After playing a game and using relive, (possibly related to having desktop recording on), the card fails to clock down, and gets stuck at 90-100% usage (though this doesnt affect performance?) and at ~1600mhz until i cycle relive. After i cycle relive, the cards clocks drop back down to ~30mhz on the desktop.


      Ive tried clean installs, ive used the express cleaning utility from AMD, and i still get the same issues.


      Running w10, 64bit, 32gb ram on an i7 6850k.


      This did not happen when i was using my previous 2 7970ghz editions in crossfire.


      Does anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone run into this as well?