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Compubench 2.0 Benchmarking Local Tone Mapping 2K and 4K will not run on AMD Cards. Fix possible? 

Question asked by colesdav on Aug 30, 2017
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I am investigating to determine if an RX Vega / Vega FE purchase will give me any benefit at all versus my current card setup Dual R9 Nano(FuryX).
I have been investigating OpenCL Performance.
One Benchmark Tool I have been testing is Compubench 2.0 0


System used to test Compubench 2.0 =
CPU: i74790K at Stock Clocks.
GPU: Dual R9 Nano (Fury X).  At Stock Clocks and Wattman Settings. Crossfire off in Global Settings. 

RAM: 32GB Corsair Ballistic LP Tactical DDR3 @ 1600MHz .

OS: Windows 8.1  64bit patched as of yesterday and system checks all fine.
AMD Drivers: Running 17.4.4. WHQL Drivers for Windows 8.1 64 bit as these are the last available and stable update for Windows 8.1 64bit.  


I noticed that the Local Tone Mapping 2K and 4K benchmarks are failing to run


On further investigation, I can see the following messages in the Log File:

Local Tone Mapping 2K: Failed. OpenCL error: [CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE].




line: 97

Local Tone Mapping 4K: Failed. OpenCL error: [CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE].




line: 97


I initially thought there was a problem with the Compubench 2.0 Software.

I contracted Compubench Support.


I summarise  Compubench Response to me regarding this issue as follows:


1. Compubench are aware of the problem. They thanked me for contacting them.

2. Compubench reported the issues I encountered directly to AMD developers over 1 year ago.
3. The error is an OpenCL kernel compilation error, originated from AMD's compiler.
4. This kernel compiles and runs on Intel's OpenCL 2.0 runtime and Compubench are 99% sure that the fault is at on AMD's side.



I think it is important for AMD to fix this issue as Crashing Software when running a Benchmarking test is not good.

I believe that other users, such as daquteness have encountered this error when running Compubench 2.0 with the new AMD Vega FE card.
In Compubench the User normally runs all tests by default, and these Local Tone Mapping Errors cause the Compubench 2.0 Software to crash and a failure to complete
on the remainder of the Compubench 2.0 Test Suite.


Comments anyone?
Any chance of a fix anytime?


I do not want to get involved in a bun fight between AMD and Compubench 2.0 developers, I just report what I see and what I am told.


I am an owner and user of AMD GPU, and I have been using the Free version of Compubench 2.0.
I use my GPU for both gaming, creating and rendering graphics, and GPU Compute.
RX Vega / Vega FE is currently not showing Performance / Power in Gaming improvements I was hoping for.
I am currently trying to determine what it will give me in terms of OpenCL Compute and Rendering.