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Help with Driver Rollback

Question asked by skooter1992 on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by kingfish

Trying to play Nier Automata. I'm getting a crash with the most recent version of AMD Drivers for my RX480. I'm attempting to rollback to version 16.11.5 for Windows 10 64bit with no luck. When I try to uninstall through the program manager it uninstalls only the software but leaves the most recent driver in place. It doesn't even list the option to uninstall the display driver. It only lists hdmi sound driver as and option to unistall. Then I try to unistall it manually. I remove the the driver through the device manager, restart, and run 16.11.5 exe, and again. It doesn't detect the gpu, it only list the hdmi sound driver and software as being able to be installed. even though windows is using it's basic display adapter for my driver. So then I try to install it more manually through device manager and I select the .inf file in c:/amd/win64bit-16.11.5nov25/packages/drivers/display choose the file for rx480, Windows tries to install, and I get an error saying this does not support my version of windows (windows10). So maybe I'm doing something stupid here and missing something really simple, which is quite possible, but I doubt it. If anyone has any advice on what I might be doing wrong, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!