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    Titanfall 2 Random Crash (ex. DXI_hung_error


      Titanfall 2 crash while playing multiplayer mode. (no crash at single play)

      im using iMac late 2015 model.

      i know that there is no latest official driver, but there is so many user facing same problem in Titanfall 2 forum AMD users not using Mac.


      AMD Crashing thread — Titanfall 2 Forums


      Titanfall2's devteam never response this problem.

      AMD team are last hope.

      • AMD Graphics Card:AMD Radeon R9 M390
      • Desktop type.
      • Operating System:Windows 10 64bit
      • Driver version installed : Crimson Relive 17.8.2
      • Display Devices : iMac Late 2015 27inch
      • Motherboard + Bios Revision : iMac 17,1 IM171.88Z.0105.B08.1604111319
      • CPU/APU : Intel core i5-6500CPU 3.20GHZ 3.20GHZ
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage : cant check it iMac default
      • RAM : 24GB


      as i wrote, iMac driver is not supported, if AMD cant support my problem, please look at here

      AMD Crashing thread — Titanfall 2 Forums

      there is so many infomation for this problem.

      i tried to all possible solution that wrote in this forum, but not work as other AMD users.

      like TdrDelay setting.


      Does AMD guys know this problem or working on solution?

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          I would report this to AMD.

          Not to the forum, this seems way out of our league and a way bigger problem as this is driver related.

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              As the guy on the other forums says:
              We are currently still investigating the AMD issue with AMD themselves. To help further the investigation and figure this annoying issue out, I'm setting up a thread to gather proper info.

              I guess the only thing you can do is wait.

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                  I know that forum comment.

                  Problem is this comment.


                  Yes actually. AMD got back to us and they think they may have a fix incoming. Both of us will still need to verify but we'll let everyone know when it's out to download. That ETA unfortunately is still an unknown.


                  its not official comment.

                  titanfall2 community manager sent private message, and reply him.


                  yes. PRIVATE MESSAGE.

                  not official comment.


                  and  look at it.




                  devteam think this random crash are solve at driver 17.7.1.

                  ofcause. there is only Deterioration.

                  and keep silence till all AMD user's uninstall titanfall2 or buy new Geforce.


                  Im concerned about if Respawn's private message are lip service and AMD devteam dont know what happen in current driver version.


                  I know that only one solution is 'wait', but if AMD devteam dont know this issue, thats 'wait forever'.


                  This discussion title is 'random crash', but this 'random' is crashing per 5-10min per every game.


                  AMD users cant play titanfall2 now.


                  and no information from titanfall2 devteam.


                  issue start at 2017/03/23. reddit comment are 2017/07.

                  Titanfall2 large update at 2017/08/29.

                  and Radeon driver update Crimson ReLive 17.8.x at 2017/08/21 as you know that.


                  and there is no change.


                  AMD devteam really knows this issue?

                  if there is no solution or need wait 1year - 3year.

                  we must consider about change to Geforce or Uninstall titanfall2.

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                any official infomation for this issue?

                Titanfall2 community thinks this problem is critical and cant fix by AMD and Respawn Dev team.

                thats why no official response from AMD/Respawn.


                only official response is ''ignore'' and ''wait all AMD user leave''


                so sad. ill buy Geforce next time

                better response, better spec, better driver

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                  Well sadly my PC is newly built and I'm running in to problems with Titanfall 2 as well. I wonder if it's my PC or just Titanfall 2 issue.
                  My previous PC is running on a Fury but had no issue. Now I'm using a 1700X + VEGA 64 Liquid, just now I just got a BSOD...


                  But on my previous system, 0 issues. Smooth !