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    Radeon RX 480 Locking System Up - Windows 10


      OS: Windows 10 Home 16Bit

      CPU: AMD FX 9590 Eight-core 4.70 GHz

      Mobo: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H

      RAM: 16.0 GB DDR3

      GPU: Radeon RX 480


      So problem is: for a few games I run(xcom 2, Rust, sometimes Elder scrolls online, total war warhammer), my whole computer will lock up, screen freezes, sound plays just the last sound in a loop. and only way to fix is to restart the computer by either cutting the power, or by holding the power button down 2 separate times. I mean restarting it once, then having to restart it a 2nd time for it to boot up windows. nothing that I can tell of is overheating. Things I've tried: updated video drivers,reset the settings on wattman, and global settings, lowered my graphics settings in game down, resetted bios to optimized default. I don't know. hit me back whenever you can, and tell me what info you need


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          I think your problem is the 16bit OS    

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            remove drivers and other software for the card  then when you re install just install driver "only" then comment below if worked do not install anything else but the driver!!!! then reply here, but yes a 16bit OS wont help O_o

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              I have the same issue, on the same games, they freeze in green screen. I did Almost everything and nothing works, am becoming inpatient with this situation....


              I already post several posts about it...


              i have r9 380x

              win 64 bit

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                hey sorry guys, i been up all night trying to fix. didnt mean to say it was 16 bit lol

                anyways, still locked up after removing drivers, and reinstalled.

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                    kk ye kinda figured as much Dont Worry seems to be the case with GPU's on amd's side atm im doing the same chasing drivers. i know what you mean by the green screen thou its when your card switch into full screen. can you run in windows mode at all any games? do they run fine? or same issues? if they do

                    next try

                    try reducing the desktop display to lowest it can then go up until you encounter the issues again see if you can weed it out the hard way.


                    another thing to try

                    is get your CD that came with it usually they have the first beta drivers on the CD try them also does this cure it at all?


                    i have the fx 9370 myself are you cooling the 9570 properly i might add these are nuts CPU's to cool, bios for boards are bad on the gigabytes also which can also cause lockups throttling just from a bad bios that they released do you know how to check for that? remove amd overclocking software if you have that too for your CPU any overclocks are far better done on the bios level than leaving the computer to manage GPU or CPU wise i just stay far away from stuff like that as 99% of bios overclocks are bad enough. personally windows 10 is the same issues for me constantly chasing updates so im back on win7 64bit just until i get some sort of stability out the system just need to go through it piece by piece eventually you hit nail on the head


                    install "OCCT" and run a stability test and post results if you can too



                    please god tell me your water cooled and have an extra fan sitting over your vrm for extra cooling it is a must with these chips think its minimum 55cfm you need for the VRM fan a link you should read also

                    AMD has updated the later FX CPU max user temps


                    AMD FX™ 9000 Series Processor System Requirements

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                        Okay so. was told it was my video card crapping out on me since i went threw all that with the drivers. (called who i bought the computer from) they want me to mail them back the video card. well i didnt want to wait 3-5wks for them to get it and send me a new one. went out and bought a Radeon RX 580. updated the drivers, restarts all that. But still locked up on Xcom 2. works fine for World of Warcraft(so far). havent tried the other games yet tho. this is getting beyond frustrating.

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                            ye understand ive also lost patients and will be sending my 460 back soon as ive got a replacement, first time buying amd GPU will be my last too never even came close to having these issues with a nivida card. fair few months left on warranty. hard when you only run a card and stream alot of tv. let that be a lesson to you amd if your reading. most people cannot do without a card for excessive amounts of time

                            price 10/10

                            usability 1/10 kind of doubtful of even the new cards too


                            lesson:- spend the extra £10 and get a chipo nivida card lol performance aint great for cost but at least it works and at this point i would be happy with a 10fps drop


                            you can wait for them to update drivers but paying excessive amounts for a useless card is more than frustrating and playing the waiting game when all you want to do is chill and play a few games they have until 1 month of my warranty  is up then its going bk who knows i might get a free upgrade. by then they may have this fixed doubtful