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    Threadripper 1950X or Ryzen 7?



      I would like to change my old FX 4130 CPU to a new one for a PC which will be mainly used for gaming. There are some points to take into account :


      • I play on a screen which resolution is 1080p and I do not care about having 10 million FPS, my screen is limited to 60 FPS.
      • I would like to be able to record my screen with the AMD ReLive without any lag in 60FPS.
      • I don't want my PC to be slowed down if I minimize a game (as with my FX 4130).
      • I do not want to need to change my CPU & motherboard within about 10 years.


      So with the use of Directx12 in more and more games, and I think it will replace Directx11 in the coming years (I'm tempted to bet on it), I think the Threadripper is the right choice (with 32GB DDR4 2666 and a nice watercooling of course) but I would like to have your opinions.


      What would you advise me? Threadripper or Ryzen 7?


      Thank you and sorry for my bad English if I did mistakes.