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Minecraft crashes every time after minimizing

Question asked by jatoxo on Aug 29, 2017
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everytime i start minecraft (in fullscreen mode), and minimize it for example with the Windows-key, Java crashes, as soon as I click on the Minecraft Symbol in the taskbar.
One weird thing about that is, if I re-open the game using alt+tab, it does not crash, but only if im not on the title screen.
Also, when im in the settings of the game, and click on "Fullscreen: on" to turn off fullscreen, and then turn it back on again, the game does not crash when I click on the symbol in the taskbar. (If i'm in the title screen, it does).
When I hold alt+tab, it should normaly show the preview of the window, but in this case it just shows the windows as white, with the name of the window in the top left.
This all started happening in an Update, which I can't remember the number of. But it got fixed with another Update, unfortunetly, the problem came back with another new update of the driver.

I already tried to Update Java or reinstall Minecraft, but that didn't help.
I would love to know why this happens


My Processor is the intel core i5 6400
and my graphics card the RX 480 4gb