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    Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Asus Zenith Extreme latest bios and chipset driver, lag issues ever since i got it


      Hello AMD community!


      I received my 1950X Threadripper last week, and I've had this annoying lag issue at different ramspeeds etc.

      1950X @stock with H115 cooling it alright. No spikes in temperature, stable at 60-65C

      Four 3200MHz DIMMs of Corsair DDR4 3200Mhz 32GB Dominator ROG  4x8GB 3200Mhz (PC4-25600) DDR4 CL16, XMP, Platinum Rød

      Put in according to motherboard manual recommended position.

      ASUS Zenith Extreme 503 BIOS and latest chipset driver.

      Speeds tested: 2133, 3066 and 3200MHz.

      This occurs at random, cursor will start to drag after itself, anyone I speak to or hear will become a robot for me or I'll be a robot for them. For a couple of seconds.

      Happens always during application load, like games, unity sdk, blender and so fourth.


      Tried different RAM settings, but could this be a DIMM slot problem? CPU issue?


      There is no heat issue at all.

      I'll try to provide more info when I get home, but I am currently on a break.


      Thanks in advance.

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