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Radeon Settings App frequently loses power efficiency and WattMan settings (17.8.2 - R9 380)

Question asked by daerragh on Aug 29, 2017

Hi. Since around half a year Radeon Settings have been losing some settings for me. Specifically: power efficiency switch comes back to "off" AND WattMan settings are getting lost. It doesn't happen always but approx. every 2 restarts. Other settings DON'T get lost, e.g. texture filtering stays at 4x (I had set it manually to 4x and it stays this way). I update the drivers (clean install) whenerever there's new drivers available and it doesn't fix things for me. In WattMan I only UNDERCLOCK the card by 30% (no OC), so there's no problem with unstable OC in my system that could reset the settings.


My system is:

latest Win 10 Pro x64

MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G