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    R7 M440 not working


      I have an HP laptop with R5 main graphics card and a linked R7 M440, all games only see the R5...

      I have everything in the AMD Radeon settings set to high performance and everything, nothing is working

      I tried disabling the R5 from the device manager but it just used the Microsoft default driver which made everything much worse!

      When I disable the R7 from the device manager the laptop also uses the Microsoft default driver and stops recognizing the R5 although it's still enabled

      I downloaded HWMoniter but it only shows the R5 running at all times even in game !!

      Please HELPP

      I tried everything but nothing is working and also a lot of other people are having this same issue and no one is coming across a solution so please AMD do something!!!!

      I already paid for a couple of games on steam knowing that they can normally run on the R7 M440 but not the R5

      and I exceeded the 3 hours play time doing all the troubleshooting and potential fixes, so I cant request a refund anymore !! and ofc none workedd