Intel 8700K to be 11% faster than 7700K per thread

Discussion created by black_zion on Aug 28, 2017
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And 50% faster in multithread (at least in SISandra), but thanks to AMD they are being forced to up the core count to 6. 50% more cores, 50% faster multithread, no surprise there, and why a lot of benchmarks will be skewed when they compare the two. I hope at least one of the reputable review sites disables two of the cores for comparison's sake, considering the 7700K is still the top seller on Amazon. Remember, the 7700K in 2017 replaced the 6700K from 2015, and taking out the 200mhz increased clock speed of the 7700K it only wound up being 6-7% faster than the 6700K, so Intel is being forced to actually do meaningful work on their processors instead of just token tweaking. What prices will end up being, however, is anyone's guess. The 7700K is still $336 and 6700K still $315, and with Zen 2 not due for a while, along with unknown performance improvements (presumably not anywhere near 50%), so $375-$400 is likely, although history has shown us that the bulk of people don't care what Intel charges, they'll pay it, even when it means buying a new motherboard as well.


The Intel folks can start thanking AMD now.