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GPU clock and Memory clock for no reason at all

Question asked by manianxx on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by goodplay

Okay people, this is tearing me apart - have been looking for a solution for so long now...


just brought my fresh new gaming build:


Corsair Vengeance LPX - DDR4 - 8 GB: 2 x 4 GB - DIMM 288-PIN - 3000 MHz

Samsung 850 EVO MZ-75E250 - Solid state drive - 250 GB

Corsair Carbide Series 270R Windowed - Miditower - ATX )

MSI B350 PC MATE - Bundkort - ATX - Socket AM4 - AMD B350 FCH

AMD - 3.2 GHz - 4 cores - 10 MB cache - Socket AM4

TS Series XFX 550W - power supply

Asus GTX 1060 3gb


Everything went to smooth then i turned it on and everything...then i began to install the drivers. updating and everything - looking forward to play my first game of LoL.


Suddenly ingame it hits me with, VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR made my pc restart.


So i quick began to look for a solution. Got the tweaker 2 for my GPU, so i could watch the problem: it turns out that my gpu goes from 203 MHz too 1569 randomly... and my memory goes from 810 to 8014 - but my gpu usage hits only 5-25% and memory usage hits maximum 404 mb - Its seem unlogical, cause it hits those high MHz then im like just open a ordinary app like a browser, and then it falls down agian. But the second i begin a game. it goes crazy and run at full speed - but the heat doesnt change at all on my ***


Okay so i tried alot of things. like remove driver with DDU and install new or older drivers - still same problem


OFC i been downloading drivers for my motherboard and kept them up to date.


Set my memory freq down to around 2660 for a chance to help..



I keep trying things , but nothing seems to work :( 


I hope that one beautiful person out there can save my pc!