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    question About rx vega 64


      I have a question about the Vega 64 for the gamer, is it actually as loud reviewers have said, I'm just talking during about a normal game session.

      Is it super loud or like a sound that you end up not noticing loud?

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          1. if you want REALLY High-End stop wanting ultra-silent systems - then should be kinda silent, but dont have to
          2. if you want a better cooled and more quiet GPU wait for Customs
          3. current Reference-Design is ok - its not the quietest, but its ok - and it transports the heat out of case...

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            On the standard fan curves supplied in the crimson settings, you will definitely hear it spin up in GPU intensive games.  You can play with the curve a bit to keep things a bit quieter, but once the GPU hits 70C you will hear it.


            Models like the ASUS Strix will help with that noise substantially.  Or buy a reference model and throw it into a Calyos NGS S0 case!