[17.8.2 - RX 480 8GB] Enhanced Sync - Unable To Launch Certain Games

Discussion created by xbye on Aug 28, 2017

I recently installed 17.8.2, however I was on the previous version and was having this issue.



When launching a game with Enhanced Sync enabled, the primary monitor stays black for a prolonged period of time. It then proceeds to flicker and switch back and forth between my desktop and the blackscreen. The game never successfully finishes launching and requires me to ctrl+alt+delete or alt+tab to close the application.


List of Affected Games - Additional Comments:

Left4Dead 2 - Forced 300 FPS cap.
Natural Selection 2 - Forced 200 FPS cap. Can change FPS cap to be lower in-game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Unlimited FPS cap. Can change FPS cap in-menu.


List Of Unaffected Games - Additional Comments:
Overwatch - Forced 200 FPS cap. Can change FPS cap to be lower in-menu. Forced 60 FPS cap at login screen and in menus.

Bayonetta - Forced 60 FPS cap.

Heroes of The Storm - Unknown FPS cap.

Transistor- Unknown FPS cap.

Bioshock: Infinite- Unknown FPS cap.


I will update the list when possible.


Global Graphics Settings: