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AMD Texture Load Issue

Question asked by kakashi1598 on Aug 28, 2017

okay i have AMD A10-9600p with R5 Radeon APU, 2gb R7 Radeon Graphic, 4 gb DDR4 Ram, and 1 TB hardisk, now the problem is that when i play games the texture loads after a very short distance, by texture i mean like after a short distance some components of the object loads instantly, like if i am at a distance of suppose 15m i dont see any object but one step and out of nowhere its there, it happening in every game with different scale like AC Rogue, Metal Gear 5, Darksider 2, etc... I tried every possible driver and windows optimization, i even went to service center and he told me that my Mother Board was malfunctioning so i he changed it but still no solution. Can any one tell whats causing this issue or is it a hardware issue or a software issue.

Game Stranded Deep


So this How it is ... One Step and The Fire pop out of no where it doesn't happens in my friends Laptop.


i have checked unchecked , increased -decreased every possible graphic value but still no solution ...

pls pls pls give a solution or atleast any lead to what is causing this .. thanks in advance