Issues when using Crossfire combined with Tiled DP-MST 4k Display

Discussion created by annihlator on Aug 28, 2017

May have relation with the following issue, however I'm not completely sure;


In my experience since the switch to the new GUI a series of problems have arisen which in-tandem are not very pleasant to deal with.

The main factor in my problem seems to be a problem specificly when using both CrossFire and DP-MST.
My setup is as follows:
GPU's: Triple Sapphire R9-290x
Display: Dell UP3214Q, Multiple display modes tested, preferred; 4K@60Hz using DP-MST
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
CPU: i7-3820; tests performed both on stock speeds and overclock (normally run it at 4.5Ghz)
Memory: Quad-channel set of Corsair DDR3-1600 Vengeance (tests all performed at custom settings as well as stock/xmp profile)
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Drivers: Various (currently 17.7.2, Crimson-versions I've had with this issue; 17.1.2, 17.4.1, 17.7.1, 17.7.2 )

PSU: Seasonix X-1250 (a bit overkill, but I was even considering 4-way crossfire untill I discovered that heat-dissipation is achallenge  by itself when using 3 reference models 290x's )




When using CrossFire and running 4k@60Hz using DP-MST (I have a tiled panel), I often run into that either;
- The left tile is made of garbage/garble
- The right tile updates every frame, the left doesn't
- The display will indefinately blink it's "power saving" message, which may possibly suggesting a corrupted output


These issues apart from the very first one have (in my experience) been excistent throughout my use of the triple R9-290's, however;
Before I was able to alleviate these issues by either;
- Switching out of the application back to the desktop and then back to the fullscreen application
- Turning off the display, waiting a few seconds to a minute, then turning it back on again.


This, however, appears to no longer be (even a temporary) solution since about 17.1


Since then I've invested time in a more permanent solution, Crossfire isn't a requirement for me for all but the most demanding games I play (mainly Arma 3 and Wither 3 are examples in that category to me; StarCitizen first has to solve their own issues before I can get back to using CrossFire there it seems...) but in that quest encountered another problem;


I happen to have about 530 Steam-games, some Origin-games and some other software recognised by the catalyst detection routine.
It appears however when I have a large amount of games loaded in the manager (with the intention of disabling CrossFire for most of those games), the GUI will often crash/hang.
I haven't been able to get any exact numbers as-to when this arises, as this seems to vary between the 280-310 games in the library, and occasionallly got close to 400 games without a hitch. So I'm even having slight issues to reproduce it. Thus far the only sure-fire way for me was to install each and every game I own for every platform and then letting Crimson scan (This should result in about 610 pieces of software scanned)
After that I tried the other way; but disabling crossfire in the general settings disallows me from enabling it for certain games which I so gladly will use it for even with it's current issues (I.E. Arma3)


Okay, those are the issues as far as I actually notice them.


For problem solving and troubleshooting I tried the following:
- Disabling Crossfire alltogether (Well, except for that seems to crash the Gui since 17.6.x, not-using crossfire (i.e. disabling it in the game profile)); alleves this issue completely.
- Switching to a non DP-MST connection (i.e. 4k@30Hz using HDMI or the same DP-cable); alleves the issue completely.
- Using *MANY* different DP/HDMI cables; no success
- Using PBP display mode using both a HDMI and DP-cable; Same issues as using MST; No issues when Crossfire is disabled.


Hence I'd like to deduce/assume the issue only excists when using both Crossfire and a 4k-tiled display by using DP-MST.


I'm wondering if anyone else encounters this/similar issues and perhaps has found any valid workarounds?
Alternatively I'd like to post a feature-request to set the general game-settings' Crossfire profile-option to "Disabled", allowing us to enable it/force specific other profiles with needed.
It'd give me the possibility to work-around this issue without disabling CrossFire alltogether (which is another issue since 17.6.x to me... whenever i try to en-/disable crossfire, the whole crimson GUI will lockup. If I forcefully close it after 30 minutes of no result and re-open it, crossfire is still active; same result with a reboot in-between (just to be sure).

Currently I only have my favorite games configured in the CCC to prevent the GUI-lockup, but this puts me at the risk of accidently starting an unprofiled game with a 90-ish% chance to immediately cause the issue. Not a very pleasant experience meanwhile



Thanks up front for your time and any input!