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    R9 390 black screen with sound Loop while streaming or gaming


      Hi Guys/Gals,


      I've scoured the internet looking for answers and I see this issues has a few threads but none with real answers.


      Here are my Pc specs:

      Intel Core i&-4771 3.5GHz

      16GB Ram

      Windows 10 64bit

      The rest of the specs are in the files below.


      could some tech genius please have a look at the HWinfo sensors log for me.


      This only recently started happening, I have deleted the amd directory uninstalled all amd software in safe mode and used  DDU to remove everything. After which I reinstalled the latest drivers.


      All my system drivers are up to date as well as windows updates.


      It seems rather random as sometimes it will not affect the pc for hours and at others more often. Gaming or streaming don't seem to make a huge difference in the frequency, but that said i have not been timing it, purely anecdotal.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, i love my pc and having it continuously crash on me is killing my gaming time .

        • Re: R9 390 black screen with sound Loop while streaming or gaming

          So I have been trying a few things and yesterday I had a black screen free day!!!!

          I'll list the details of what I did in the hope that it helps somebody in the Future.


          It seems to me that my GPU fans were not switching on/ running fast enough to cool the card correctly. I only noticed once I removed the card after a crash and found that it was very hot. After putting the card back in and lying on the floor and physically watching the fans I found that wattman was reporting they were running when in fact they were not.


          After uninstalling all amd software, I used amd's clean uninstall utility to remove any trace of their software and reinstalled the latest drivers. Fans still not running correctly, why I don't know? What seemed to fix my issues was using wattman for force the minimum fan speed to 50%. I managed to stream for hours and even get in a few rounds of PUBG.


          This is obviously not the greatest fix but at least a workaround that means I don't have to bin my Graphics Card.


          Hope this helps somebody.