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green screen r9 380x

Question asked by sharkhunt on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by locodicegr

I have seeing some with same porblm, but i dont understand why this happens only now? I bought my graphic about a year ago and played fine, until one month ago! I dont know if it are the new update drivers or if it is the windows 10, because i had win 7, but it updated recently to 10, dont know how it did without knowing :\


Now i cant play any game, its start like a plain going up, doing a lot noise, the temperatures goes to 99 ºC, and then green screen!


Dont have any overclock, dont understand much about this kind of things


Anyone have any idea? Is there any person with win 7 and doenst have this problem? ( to clarify the origin of this problm)


share some thoughts