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    R9 390 Microstuttering/Frame Drop


      So I've had this graphics card for a while but I've had this problem for a long time. I never gave it a try to fix it until now and it's actually driving me crazy.


      To start off my computer specs are:
      16GB Ram 2133 mhz
      MSI AMD R9 390
      EVGA 750W Gold 80 certified


      Some examples about the problem looks like the following on a really not so heavy loaded game called Dungeon Fighter Online (DFOG):




      And this seems to happen really often. The really weird thing is I can play games like Overwatch on ultra settings with smooth 100fps+ but the stuttering will also happen now and then. Almost for a split second it seems to happen on any game. Any other time, the card will still work wonderfully.


      Here's the things I've tried so far:

      Downgraded Radeon Drivers
      Upgraded Radeon Drivers to the latest version (Both using DDU)
      Overclocked CPU
      Use Clockblocker
      Disable ULPS
      Between other solutions offered in forums, amd reddit, etc.


      I just can't seem to find a solution to this stuttering at all and can't find an answer.

      Here are some benchmarks:




      Some of the weird things I noticed was that my Core Clock usage would spike between 1500MHz which is the max and 150Mhz which is the min. Also GPU Load Spike in GPU-Z spikes incredibly all the time. (Between 0% to 100% instance to instance). This also happened in the afterburner Graph I showed while using unigine heaven's benchmark. Got the stutter and a 0% GPU Load. Not quite sure if they're related.


      ANY Help is appreciated!