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    Where to report bugs?


      Where do I report bugs in the AMD drivers?


      I know of at least 2 bugs in 2 AMD drivers and would like to report them.
      I know this forum is just talk among fans. That won't help. I need

      the people who write the drivers to know about these bugs.

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            There is a bug in that page which keeps you from submitting a bug report.

            I'm not sure, maybe it accepted my first bug report. But now, while I am trying to submit the second, the page refuses to accept any selection for the radio-button "Is this a Crossfire configuration ?". No matter what you click or select, the selection will not stay. And when you press "Submit Survey" at the end of the page, you get an error message: "Please answer this question".

            Oh, update: The selection did not stick, but suddenly I was able to submit the second survey as well...

            I wonder if it arrives?


            Anyway, why is this so secret and convulted?Seeing how many bugs there are, shouldn't AMD be more interested in finding them?ANd seeing their limited resources, shouldn't they encourage people to submit bug reports by making it easier to find? Why is the page such a secret and so hard to find?