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Radeon R5 M335 New Drivers v17.7.2 - Problem with AutoCAD and Revit

Question asked by anirudhp on Aug 27, 2017

There is a problem with new drivers update for AMD Graphics Radeon R5 M335 in my Laptop Dell Inspiron 5559.

# Software Edition is Crimson ReLive v17.7.2.

  • Image Autocad1.png is not correct because I'm trying to draw a Red Color Line but the Color changes to Blue with graphics enabled.
  • Image Autocad2.png is correct but without enabling of graphics.
  • Image Revit1.png is also similar case like Autocad1.png.
  • But Image Revit2.png is correct but without graphics enabled.

Is any fix available for this issue?


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