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Black Screen When Installing R9 270X drivers. Windows 10 1703

Question asked by nicknack2k4 on Aug 26, 2017
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Twos weeks ago I had problems with my graphics card, After Windows update "Windows 10 1703"


I was in the middle of playing some games when it would start glitching out, Then my whole entire computer would freeze and go into a black screen. My keyboard was unresponsive and my mouse was unresponsive, I couldn't even control alt delete. After a while of my restarting and trying again to figure out the problem.. I couldn't see my windows log in screen it went black.


I called Microsoft and they told me to uninstall the graphic card drivers in safe mode, I did that and now I can log back in..


But when I try to reinstall the drivers, My screen goes black into the middle of the installation.Forcing me to hard restart my computer.


Can you guys please help me, I've tried searching everywhere and I couldn't find a single thing.



Sapphire R9 270X

AMD FX 6300 Six Core Processor



Please Help


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