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Ram slot issue, bad cpu imc?

Question asked by n1gel on Aug 26, 2017
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I have 1700 cpu, X370 motherboard and single rank Samsung b-die ram, but I'm still having memory problems. Ram works perfectly in A1&A2 slots just by loading DOCP settings but when I try use B1 or B2 slots I start to get bluescreens/errors in memtests. I've tested these slots one ram stick at a time but can't get nowhere near rated speeds. One stick started to give errors at 2666mhz with loose timings(16-18-18-18-36, 1.35 volts) and second at 2800mhz after I tried to tighten the timings. I've tried to change ProcODT, Dram voltage, SOC voltage and timings, but nothing seems to work. Weird thing is that settings that works today, may not work tomorrow. Slot A1&B1 or A2&B2 dual channel only worked at 2400mhz last time I've tried. Ram is recognized correctly and usable in all ram slots.


I've tried two different motherboards now(Asus Prime X370 Pro and CH6) with same problems, so I'm starting to think it may be related to cpu's imc. Is there an easy way to confirm this? Ram seems to be ok since I ran HCI memtest over 15 hours without errors in A1&A2 slots with these settings: 3200mhz, 14-14-14-14-34-48 and 1,35 volts. I've checked cpu pins and they are straight.


Do you think my cpu could be faulty?


Cpu: Ryzen 7 1700 stock clocks

Motherboard: Asus CROSSHAIR VI HERO (1501 Bios)

Ram: 16GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3200 DIMM CL14 Dual Kit (QVL supported)

OS: Win10