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Is anyone else experiencing severe performance issues after the latest update?

Question asked by venomfrosty on Aug 27, 2017

None of my games run like they used to at 1080p. I can't even get 60fps stable on battlefield 1 anymore.


EDIT: this is for an amd rx480. the gigabyte g1 8gb variant.


Metro last light can't get 60fps on the bench.
Mass effect andromeda doesnt get 60fps on high.
Rainbow six siege is only playable on low.
ghost recon wildlands wont give more than 40fps on low.
The division gives 55 on low.


In advance, the only things i did since the update was uninstall my Gigabyte tuning utility (the one that lets me change my GPU's colors)


If you have any tips on how to get normal performance again, it'll be greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance.


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