Ryzen 1600 Asus Rog B350 P State No Boot

Discussion created by izrailsky on Aug 27, 2017
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Hello, i have asus rog b350-f gaming and ryzen5-1600. Recently i decided to try p-state feature to optimise  power saving of overclocked cpu.

I started with p0 state and everything was fine, i also noticed that clearing cmos does not affect p-state's and to reset them i had to load optimised defaults settings.

After setting p0 state i tried to change p1 and p2, just changed p2 from 1550 to probably 1300, dont remember exact value, all other settings like voltage and did  was on auto. After that i cant boot anymore. Led and fans start as usual but no speaker sound and no any image on screen.


How can i wipe this pstate settings? Are they saved in bios flash or in some other place? If i will manualy reflash bios rom with spi programmer, will it help?


I am sorry for my english,  hope for your assistance.


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