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R9-290X locked at 300mhz core and 150mhz mem after driver update.

Question asked by pjsprojects on Aug 26, 2017

If I roll back to an old driver pack like 16.11.3 everything is fine running at 1250/1000 as it should but as soon as I update I get a pop up saying Wattman has recovered from a fatal error and has reset.

How do I either disable Wattman/uninstall it or fix the problem.


So far I have tried a fresh Win10 64bit install and tried installing after a driver clean but with no luck.


Edit - Update installed 16.10.1 driver pack and the problem has cleared after a quick DDU,looks like the newer driver has power management in line with the RX cards which although based on the older R9 cards use a lot less power.