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Damn no mATX motheboards for x399 ?

Question asked by cmvrgr on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by benman2785

Damn you AMD. Why no uATX / mATX motherboards for threadripper ?


You pretend that you hear your customer demands, apparently you do not !


You haven't understood the serious demand  for uATX/mATX form factor in x399 platform ?


Who had decided that all HEDT enthusiast do need a lot of expansion cards and multiple storage devices and super huge chassis?


Let's get serious the 98% will use only one GPU especially for workstation scenarios and no more than 2 SSDs at the same time.


The most workflows are concentrated only to the multiple cpu cores and the common setup will be 1 GPU and 32 to 64gb ram. You underestimate the demand of smaller form factor chassis that is very serious for many workflows.


We love AMD  but do not forget that 16core Intel cpus are near to be released and we will jump to x299  mATX  and never look back to AMD again for some years  as you are delaying your official respond for the mATX motherboards availability. That is the time that makes Intel x299 a better solution for smaller mb form factors.


It's in your hand to keep us in  your brand.


AMD you should make a press release and be super clear  if the x399 platform is doable  to uATX/mATX form factor and if it will be released soon or not.

We have the right to know we are your customers that invest our money to you !!!


I hope that press release to be published soon.