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Radeon R5 340x dual monitor. can't get  2560x1440 through DVI output 

Question asked by ah1123 on Aug 25, 2017

I have 2 Radeon R5 340x graphics cards running a 4 monitor setup. I can only get 2560x1440 resolution through the 2 monitors that are connected using the Display port. The DVI connected monitors are only showing with a max selection for 1920x1080 in windows 10 settings. has anyone else had a problem with this or has anyone successfully used those cards at 2560x1440 through the DVI connection?


i am running a Dell optiplex 7040 with windows 10 64bit
all 4 monitors are BENQ GW2765 with 2560x1440 native  (BenQ GW2765HT Wide Quad HD Monitor | BenQ USA )

using display port 1.2cables for 2 of the monitors (which are at 2560x1440)


for the 2 monitors i have connected via  DVI i'm using using KabelDirekt DVI to DVI Dual Link Cable (6 ft) DVI-D 24+1 High Resolution (2560x1600) i know its a Dual Link DVI-D cable and input but i cant get the higher resolution

running reLive 17.7.2 drivers


i know i should be going to Dell but they havent been a help