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Freesync driver fix for certain Samsung monitors but...

Question asked by zielho on Aug 26, 2017
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But should this fix also work on some on other brands? Like my ASUS Designo MX34VQ which is using the same panel as the Samsung C34F791.
If not will AMD come with a fix for other monitors as well?


I do get flickering with the latest driver and my R9 290 (waiting for vega 56) where it seems to go from 50 to 100. The windmill amd demo works fine without flickering.
And it does seem to work fine when playing BF1, except on the map/respawn screen where flickering occurs. On certain games I get massive flickering where I just disable freesync.. I do think it happens when I get near the 50 fps range.
But especially in game menu's and such it's seems to be present allot.


But if this fix fixed the Samsung C34F791 flickering again just wondering it should work for my monitor with this driver as well or AMD must do something for this monitor as well for fixing flickering.