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This Mod was for QuakeCon 2017 for cavemanthe0ne  RTP, AMD, Radeon, and Thief II themed.


The Case paint color was based on the Thread Ripper box to tie in the overall theme. I also wanted the brighter colors to pop out more creating a "Grey scale Color grab effect".


There were a lot of challenges during Nik's mod, the biggest being the size of the GPU. Initially, I planned on having a wall of fans blowing towards the Motherboard, but the GPU got in the way of that design. So I went with one fan, an opening for the GPU, then snuck in the Thief II logo below the GPU. Not too over bearing, but not too underwhelming. On that shroud, I also Incorporated an arrow in the front to give homage to Thief II as well. Because of this design, I had to do a reverse airflow design with the intake coming in from the back and the top of the case and have it exhaust out the front.


I wanted to give the top of the case a bit of an "Edgy Feel" creating a window with the RTP logo circled by the Ryzen Enzo, and topped off with a hand cut aluminum top plate with the AMD logo covering the fan.


The front panel of the case was a hard choice because I had so many Ideas for it and I was fighting time. So I hand painted the Ryzen logo in bright, brilliant colors to kind of give it a visual "Punch" If you will. topping it all off with a Gloss lacquer.


All in all, I am happy with the way it turned out. There are a lot of mods and small details in the case that you might not see, but if I didn't do them, the case would defiantly look different.


I hope you enjoy the photos of the build Work Log coming soon.


windoewide.jpg Frontnowindow.jpg





Here is the New Video link for the making of RYZEN UP! I hope you all enjoy!

RYZEN UP RTP QC17 | Case Mod - YouTube




CPURyzen 1600X
CoolerAMD Wraith Spire
MemoryGeil EVO X AMD Edition
GraphicsSAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 390
Disc Drive 1
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3
PSUCorsair AX 750
CaseNZXT S340