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If I have multiple GPU's in a desktop, is there a way to select one to use for a game?

Question asked by doubledh on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2017 by taldren

ryzen 3 processor

4gb ddr5ram


GPU 1: radeon rx560

GPU 2: radeon rx580


If I wanted to mine with the rx580, and leave the weak rx560 to play games (since it can't mine if it wanted to), is there a way to set a default graphics card (at least per application, maybe)?
I've looked around and I only see people being able to switch to gpu on laptops, and also they have previous versions and have a "additional radeon settings" that I don't have on the radeon settings menu (It's been driving me insane). There are game profiles, but they don't seem to let you choose what gpu to use in them.... only how that gpu should work for that game =_=
Any help or clues would be appreciated, thanks.