Cannot set up 1920x1080 for my third monitor

Discussion created by falconchips on Aug 24, 2017

Hi, I've a desktop computer with a HD7750 1GB Radeon card, 2 hdmi connected 22" screens and another third with a DisplayPort-VGA adapter. In January '17 I installed 17.1.1 drivers and so far so good, all worked fine, I could change my DP-VGA monitor to 1920x1080 resolution without problems (because Win 10 only allowed resolutions till 1600x1200) with CCC. But then I upgraded to Win 10 CU and since then in Display Settings my DP-VGA monitor is displayed as 'non connected'. I had to install 16.11.5 drivers (over 1 year old!!) so I could set up a 1920x1080. With 17.x.x Crimson drivers I cannot set up a custom resolution, even  if I type the resolution that is already working (Crimson always shows 'your screen doesn't support these settings'). And of course I cannot set up the resolution of my DP-VGA monitor no matter what I type. Is this normal? Should I have to work with outdated drivers because the 17.x.x don't work? I can't believe I cannot use such a normal tool as 'custom resolution'?!!!!