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Relive blurry/downsampled green and red colors

Question asked by searz on Aug 24, 2017

(blue might be downsampled too, but unlike green/red blurry blues are not immediately obvious in my footage)

I know downsampling colors is an effective technique for increasing video compression without losing much overall sharpness, but such downsampling is very noticeable in certain places. Is there any way of getting rid of this? I know there are settings to disable that sort of thing in OBS, but that was when I was using NVENC on older versions of OBS, I haven't tried any AMD hardware encoding, nor any hardware encoding at all in the - now mainstream - "Studio" branch of OBS.

The easiest solution would of course be to just enable/disable some setting in Relive, if that's possible.


Note: this is with both HEVC and AVC codecs

Also, I'm obviously using the same monitor resolution as I am recording in, I'm not a rookie.


17.8.1 drivers, if that matters.