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    Ryzen 7 1700 getting stuck multiplier at 15.5 after 1.4V vcore


      I have found that my Ryzen 7 1700 has a stable OC at 3.9 GHz using 1.4V of Vcore and has been tested by 15 min of Realbench, 1 hour linpak OCCT and Prime 95 and also serial passages of Cinebench R15 (between 5-6). My temps don't go over 58 C so still I have plenty of room to OC. However the problem comes from the chip itself that when I set my PC to sleep or shutdown for sometime on reboot the multiplier gets stuck in 15.5 bringing my CPU to 1.550 GHz completely destroying its performance. I have partially solved the problem by creating an overclocked profile with different settings (e.g. 3.975 and 1.45 Vcore), saving it into the Asus Overclocking Profile tool, loading it, press F10 to save changes and reboot to get back into the BIOS, load my desired profile back and finally into OS to unlock the multiplier back to 39. It works but is kind of annoying to have to do this everytime I reboot.

      Actually, this problem seem to be happening whenever I apply offset values that place the Vcore between 1.39-1.44V for some reason. A pitty because I can see that my processor has still room to improve but is being gimped by no apparent reason.

      I am using the 1403 BIOS version for the Crosshair VI (tried the latest 1501 but was rather unstable).

      Any suggestion highly appreciate it.




      Ryzen 7 1700

      Crosshair VI Hero

      G.skill 3200 CL14

      Kraken x 62 V2

      Asus Strix 1080Ti OC

      Samsung 840 Evo 1TB

      Windows 10 Pro (updated to latest version)

      Power plan: Ryzen Balanced

      Corsair 1200AX Gold PSU.




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          None at AMD support aware of this issue? There are many threads on forums from different motherboard partners and so far I have not found from any, AMD nor it's partners any solution.

          Makes me wonder if this is just a sign of something bad about certain chips that gets thrown under the rug because not everyone one gets this bug, those who get it see this problem in  different ranges of voltages from each other using totally different setups (motherboard makers, model, bios, etc). It is something common to a certain"batch" of cpu's.

          I really would appreciate an official stance of AMD support in this issue.


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            Happens to me as well but only when over-clocking past 3.7ghz. Fix for me is to use offset voltage.

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                   I have this same bug. I have read all I can find about it online,  it seems it can happen to all motherboard brands and all skews of Ryzen CPU's. On both the overclock.net R7 owners club and R5 owners club there are many examples of these CPU's locking at 1.5ghz or 2.2ghz after hitting a specific voltage on core when overclocking. The strange thing is it seems to be a different voltage for each individual to activate bug. For me it is 1.3v on the core, anything more than that regardless of multiplier it locks at 1.5ghz. I have tried a clean Win 10 install (twice), every BIOS released for my motherboard, the AMD chipsets 17.10 and 17.30, Ryzen balanced plan, balanced power plan, power saver power plan to no impact.

                   The only work around I have found is using Ryzen Master, I am able to apply what ever voltage I want. I have been able to use BIOS plus Ryzen Master to acheive nice OC's or just using Ryzen Master. I like the combination of BIOS and Ryzen Master for LLC settings and DOCP for RAM. I contacted Asus support and they  told me "We do not support overclocking sorry" Hopefully someone post a "fix" for this here. Good luck

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                anyone with this bug is recommended to contact their motherboard manufacturer technical support, it requires a bios update and they should be able to help you

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                  Ok, so I have been testing quite a lot in the free time. In total, I have installed on the same motherboard 3 different CPUs, 2 x 1700 and 1x 1700X. The bug seems to be specific to the 1700 CPUs as, in one case, I can't set any offset values above 1.41 V core because it will lock in the 15.5x multiplier while in the other one this happens as long as I try to set my VCore via offset to any value but not if I use the manual option. On the other hand, this does not happen when I use the 1700X. Curiously, while I need 1.4 V Vcore to get the 1700X stable @ 3.8 GHz, the same value was enough to get one 1700 to 3.9GHz and the second 1700 is running @ 4.1GHz 24/7 without breaking a sweat with max.temps in BF1 after 2 hours sessions reaching 69 C using a Kraken x62 V2 in silent mode. A bug in the BIOS or the chips? Open question but so far AMD is not talking about this.

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                    Ryzen 7 1700

                    Crosshair VI Hero, BIOS 1701 x64, 09/22/2017


                    I first tried Extreme Tweaker but that I got stuck with the 15.5 multiplier.

                    This fixed it for me:

                    Instead of Extreme Tweaker I started EZ Tuning Wizard > F10 to save settings > boot to Windows > tested > frequency all right > back to BIOS > this time I go to Extreme Tweaker  > now when I increase the CPU Core Ratio frequency stays correct when I boot to Windows


                    Hope this helps

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                      Hi all,


                      I have the same problem, on BIOS I can set my Ryzen 7 1700 up to 4,0 Ghz, I tryed 3,8 and 3,9 Ghz at some vcore values, but any value that I set on BIOS when I Windows start my clock alwyas is around 1,5 Ghz and multiplier is 15,5. I alreayd install the AMD Chipset and using Ryzen Balanced Energy options...none fix my issue.

                      I can use 3,7 Ghz using vcore on auto, CPU-Z shows 3,7Ghz and vcore 1,17v.


                      My Setup:

                      Ryzen 7 1700 + Wraith Spire (I'll replace for a Cooler Master Hyper 212x soon)

                      Biostar X370GT7

                      2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200@2933 (stability)

                      Samsung 960 Evo 250GB

                      Asus Rog Strix RX 580 8 GB

                      XFX XT600


                      Anyone have a solution for this issue?