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Radeon R5M330 Graphics error Blue and purple watermarks?

Question asked by signature on Aug 25, 2017

Hi everyone Im having a problem with a few games.
Wish i could take a screen shot but it comes out all black.
Every time i load up a These games it starts off fine but 5 seconds or more Everything turns blue and purple like water.

i can just see the game but its as if all the lighting has gone blue and  purple and glitched.

Only happens on "fullscreen". "windowed" and "full screen windowed" are fine.

Games that have low requirements for graphics and games with high requirements do it.


My pc is HP Pavilion 15-AY044TX

Ram 8GB  

Intel I5-6200u @2.40Ghz 2.30Ghz

Windows 10.


All drivers for Radeon,windows,ect are upto date.



I have found that if i turn the profile to power saving in the radon switchable graphics it works but the game now Lags, Cant win