Crossfire toggle missing. GPU Z states Crossfire disabled

Discussion created by monolithicjoe on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by amdmatt

Just like the title states, I have no way to turn on Crossfire for my system since updating to the newest drivers.


I have tried rolling back to 17.6 drivers using both DDU and Amd Driver Removal Tool but nothing has worked.


As you can see in the screen shots below, my system does show both cards but for whatever reason it now shows two Global tabs for each card, which it never did before.


I've tried searching for a solution to this problem, but nothing so far. If anyone can help me out with this issue I would greatly appreciate it.


Please let me know if there is anymore information you need.







Update: I flashed the newest Bios (1501) for my Crosshair VI Hero, did a clean reinstall of Win 10 Pro, ran Amd Driver Uninstall to remove the Windows Update Drivers and installed 17.8.2 with no luck. Redeon still shows two Global Tabs and the Crossfire option is still missing.

I do not understand why it is not going into Crossfire. I am at a loss here.


Update 2: Attached DxDiag.