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    Water-cooled Vega numbers


      Running the RX Vega 64 w/ the EKWB.  You can see my full system specs linked in my profile.


      Stock/out-of-the-box clocks were 1630MHz on the core and 945MHz on the memory

      Overclock reached: 1742 core and 1100 memory with an average of 44c while gaming.


      Wattman settings: +7 core, 1100 mem, +50% power


      photos are stock then oc









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          Interesting.  I've only run my card at stock speeds with the stock blower, and the result falls in between the two you posted.  My Vega seems to pushing more frames at stock frequency in Time Spy, while my CPU score is also higher, by more than I would expect with a 160 MHz difference in clock speed.


          AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 1800X,ASRock X370 Professional Gaming


          Wonder if some sort of system overhead is to blame?  Which Windows power plan are you using?

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              I am using the AMD Ryzen Balanced plan.

              I'm certain that a lot of these numbers are going to be wonky for the first several months of driver updates.  Since these numbers, I've reduced my clocks to 1727 (+6 in Wattman)/1030 since the most extreme OC I could sustain (as listed above) would also likely have an effect on the life of the card. 


              Synthetic bench scores dropped about 100 in Time Spy and stayed exactly the same in Fire Strike Ultimate.  This leads me to believe that I've reached (or even surpassed the max benefit of overclocking for DX11.  I need to do some more tinkering and see how far I can drop things and still maintain the same FSU scores (since not much utilizes DX12, I am not too concerned with drops im my TS number).


              More to follow.

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              Which EK water block and which Vega card did you get? I've been tweeting to EK to try to get them to clarify fitment regarding the information that has come out regarding the different configurations on Vega cards. (height of the chip packages and so forth).

              I'm getting an Enermax NEOChanger showing up in about a week and was going to use that with the EK water block. I just want to make sure there are no issues

              My Vega is the Sapphire Vega standard edition.

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                  They only have one Vega waterblock that is universal to Frontier, 56 and 64 (manufacturer won't matter.  They are all AMD reference boards).  Personally, I got the Nickel/Plexi one, but the options are mostly aesthetic.

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                    These blocks are so freaking heavy compared to the card itself! I think I might mod a vertical GPU build!


                    xobeloot Did you have any issues installing the RX Vega drivers? I tried installing them on my In/Vidia system to play around while I wait for more connectors  and kept getting 1603 errors. It's a fresh Win installation with Nv drivers which were removed, DDU'd and all. No virus scanners, I doubt there are registry errors (fresh Win 10 Pro installation). I'll try again tonight. Disregard: after 2 complete formats and full installation, the driver decided to work without a 1603 error.

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                    Well then...


                    Disregard ALL of my clock figures.  The new version of the drivers have my clocks jumping all over the place and peaking at 1700 max but averaging around 1690, so I have no clue what it is actually doing.


                    It seems like the new drivers are maintaining some form of the chill function even when chill is disabled.  It will no longer hold a set number as the clock.

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                        I've only jumped into Global Wattman settings and changed my setting to "Turbo" (from balanced) which actually resulted in a lower Passmark score for my graphics. I guess I'll worry about it more once I watercool it when the NEOChanger arrives.